Winter Preparation Checklist

Winter Preparation Checklist

With the prospect of bad weather, illness, power cuts and the certainty of long dark nights, it is a must to be prepared for Winter in advance. By checking off a winter checklist, you will be able to relax and know that you and your household are well prepared for the coming Winter. Here is a basic getting ready for winter checklist to help you in your preparations;

1 – Insulate the home as much as you can to retain the heat. Hang heavy curtains, seal off unwanted draughts, and give your central heating any necessary maintenance check.

2 – Ensure that yourself and everyone else in the family have the warm clothing that they will need. Look out any gloves, coats, boots etc. that have been stored away, and replace them if need be. Make sure that you have warm thick socks, sleepwear, and thermal under garments if needed.

3 – Keep a small stock of food and other essentials in reserve. Tins of food are good for storing, packet items and extra tea-bags, powdered milk, toilet roll and so on. There may be times that the weather or illness prevents you from going out for a few days, and also you may need some instant meals, and so having extra supplies is a good idea.

4 – Restock your medicine cabinet. Medicines can go out of date without you realising, so make sure that you have enough cough syrup, cold and flu remedies, paracetamol, and any other items that you may need.

5 – Make sure the home has candles, matches, torches with batteries, hot water bottles, blankets and anything else you think might be useful. If there is just one time that you need these items, you will be glad that you looked it all out.

6 – If you have a car, ensure that you have a little Winter survival kit in your car such as a good torch, batteries, blanket, small snow shovel, mobile phone with credit, drinking water, and something sweet like chocolate. You might not break down, but you might get stuck in traffic or get delayed because of bad weather.