Your Weekly Guide to Keep your home clean

The best way to keep your home clean, under control and easy to maintain is if you stick to a weekly cleaning schedule. A home cleaning schedule will give you structure to your cleaning, making you more efficient with your time and ensuring that no job goes undone. We have developed a weekly cleaning guide here that you can use and adapt to your own home’s needs. This is a great way of getting you started on the way to having a clean, and easy to clean, home.


1 – Hoover or sweep all of the floors, and then mop or use a steam mop over the hardfloors where applicable. Before doing this though, shake out cushions and brush down sofas (or hoover them too).


2 – Take a damp cloth and wipe around all skirting boards and pictures rails, tops of pictures, and get the cobwebs out of the corners. Don’t forget to wipe the top of doors and doorframes too.


3 – Clean all of the mirrors,  glass picture fronts, TVs, computer screens, and any other surfaces that gather dust. An appropriate cloth and cleaner can be used for these to ensure the best results.


4 – Clean the bathroom thoroughly, including deep cleaning the toilet and putting something such as soda crystals down the plug holes to keep the drains clear. All surfaces and tiles can be wiped down during this process too with an appropriate cloth and cleaner.


5 – There are a number of jobs in the kitchen, but it is well worth doing these on a weekly basis no matter how much of a chore they are. Cleaning the oven and hob with an appropriate cleaner so that this type of grime doesn’t build up and become hard to shift is vital. Cleaning inside the fridge for hygeine is important, as is bleaching the kitchen bin, and tending to the dishwasher and washing machine where necessary. Wipe down the fronts of the cupboards with a soap solution or cleaner to keep them grease free too.


These steps are pretty much standard in all homes and will give you an idea of how to create your own weekly home cleaning schedule. You may also want to include other jobs such as cleaning windows and doors, depending on the size of your home and whether you get a window cleaner in or not. Jobs such as changing bed linen and cleaning curtains can also be included.