Use Old Toothbrushes For Cleaning

If you find it difficult to get into all of the nooks and crannies when cleaning. Be it around the taps, the corners of the oven, or around the plug holes, then an old toothbrush for cleaning is just what you need. Toothbrushes make an excellent little tool as part of a cleaning kit. They come in handy for many jobs. In the bathroom they are useful for using to clean around taps, around shower knobs, hinges and in plugholes. In the kitchen a toothbrush will get into corners of the oven, the fridge, the drawer of the washing machine, and around the taps on the sink too.

Where to buy your new toothbrush?

Toothbrushes are available in discount shops and as supermarket own brands, so it is no longer necessary to wait to use an old one – buy a pack of firm toothbrushes and use them especially for cleaning. You can even colour code them with your cleaning to ensure that they are used for specific jobs, keeping them more hygienic.

What product to use?

Use a baking soda or an eco friendly multi-purpose cleaner with the toothbrush to scrub off any limescale or grime. Rinse, and then dry the area with a micro-fibre cloth, leaving behind a thoroughly cleaned area. If you want to disinfect the toothbrush after cleaning, then soak it in a cup of hot water and diluted bleach and this can be put back into your cleaning kit for next time.

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