Use an Easter Egg Hunt as a reward for Tidy Rooms

Often, children will need a slight incentive for making an extra effort with their bedrooms. For younger children however, one thing you can do to encourage them to give their bedrooms a really good tidy is to tell them you will hide some Easter gifts around their room afterwards, and they can hunt for them.  By giving them a small Easter egg hunt in their bedroom as a treat, it will show them that from time to time they are rewarded for the effort they make with their own bedrooms.

For little children, 5 and under, this is an opportunity to get them to help you, and for you to give them jobs to do in tidying their own bedroom. This could be putting all their clothes away, putting toys in the box, tidying books on the shelf, and/or dusting the surfaces.  Children this age will be more than satisfied with some small chocolate eggs hidden around their bedroom afterward that they have to find. If you prefer they do not eat chocolate or sweets, then any other little treats like a few small toys or some special healthy snacks will work. For children this age, the fun is in the hunting.

For children who are a little older, say about 8 or 9, then they are old enough to take responsibility for tidying their own room. As a reward for them making an extra effort with tidying their own bedroom you can then hide their Easter eggs or gifts in their bedroom for them to find, or some small extra ones as a treat.

This is a way of making tidying fun for children, and rewarding them for their responsible and helpful behaviour – and depending on the gift, this might work at any age!