The Easy Way To Deep Clean The Oven

The Easy Way To Deep Clean The Oven

Be it after cooking endless party foods and roasting meats over the festive period, or just doing a routine clean, cleaning the oven is something that is often neglected. It then ends up getting a bit too daunting for a quick clean, which can cause you to procrastinate even more. Here we will let you know the easy way to deep clean the oven, and it will be back to spotless in no time.

While chemical cleaners from the supermarket shelves are an obvious choice, a natural non-toxic homemade oven cleaner is just as effective;

1 – Mix together 1 mug of water and 1/3 of a mug of white vinegar, (doing so in a spray bottle is preferable). Spray and apply this to the inside of the oven.

2 – Sprinkle a thick layer of coarse grain salt over this mixture, followed by a thick layer of baking soda.

3 – Next, spray more of the water and vinegar solution over the top to get a paste like consistency. You should also be able to hear the baking soda reacting with the vinegar, so wait while it does this before following the next step.

4 – Using a scouring pad of some sort, scrub to get rid of the grease and mess. A razor blade can be carefully used if there is any stubborn grime. Once you have done this, you will be able to wipe down and see sparkling results.

Be sure to clean the shelves and racks properly before inserting them back into the oven. Some oven doors have grease and grime that can only be reached by taking apart the door, if you have to do this then it is worth it in order to get the outside looking as clean as the in.