Super filter used by Flower Maid !

HEPA, also known as High-efficiency Particulate Air, is a type of air filter. HEPA filters are used in numerous places such as aircrafts, hospitals and houses. In order to be deemed a HEPA filter  it must remove 99.97% of certain sized particles from the air that passes through it, and this standard has strict controls.


The fibres in a HEPA filter are usually made up of fibreglass, which the diameter of has a great effect on the function and effectiveness of the filter. These filters are designed to catch much smaller particles than other filters used in the same situations, and that is why they are preferred. These particles get trapped in the fibres of the filter, and therefore are filtered out sufficiently. Because of the ability of the HEPA filter to trap the smallest of particles, it is a beneficial filter for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It is able to catch pet hair and other fluff and particles from domestic animals, pollen, and even tobacco smoke. Although it is always best to smoke outside because an air purifier cannot be relied upon to get all of the harmful toxins from the air. In a city it is useful to catch particles from traffic pollution, which is not only harmful to allergy sufferers, but to everyone else too. Near countryside the air purifier is a welcome ali against seasonal allergens such as pollen. Most air purifiers utilise a HEPA filter.


The majority of vacuum cleaners use a HEPA filter within their systems, and many are actually detachable and washable. These help with the removal of allergens too – lifting pet hair and dust mites from carpets and upholstery. As you can see there are huge advantages to using a HEPA filter within the home, whether you suffer allergies or not.


So, what is it that as HEPA filter does not catch? HEPA filters will not catch any particles bigger than 0.3 microns, which are usually dust particles that are too heavy to be moved through the air. These particles instead will settle on the furnishings in the home and should be cleaned using whatever appropriate means. This can be the vacuum cleaner, or by washing bedding in the washing machine to kill the dust mites.