Spring Cleaning Check-list by Flower Maid

A good Spring Clean is one of those satisfying sets of tasks that makes the house all new again. It is just the right time to throw open the windows, and blow the cobwebs away as we move into a lighter and brighter time of year. There are so many jobs to do in a thorough spring clean, that is why following our checklist, or having your cleaner follow our check-list, is a good way of tackling a big job bit by bit.

Spring Cleaning Checklist – All Rooms

– Dust the ceilings, light fittings, cornices and walls.

– Clean the floors, and shampoo rugs and carpets.

– Wash woodwork skirting boards and doors and door frames.

– Wash the windows inside and out.

– Wash any curtains, and/or dust any blinds.

– Dust/clean all surfaces – removing books and ornaments.

– Clean mirrors and pictures.

Spring Cleaning Check-list – Bedrooms

– Vacuum and air the mattresses.

– Wash all bedding, replace pillows if need be.

– Store away Winter clothing and tidy wardrobes.

Spring Clean List for Kitchen

– Empty all cupboards and clean inside and out.

– Check use-by dates on items when putting them back.

– Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer.

– De scale the kettle.

Deep clean the oven, grill and hob.

– Clean on top of any units.

Spring Clean Bathroom

– Clean the tiled walls and backs plashes.

– Replace any grouting or sealant.

– Deep clean the toilet, shower, etc.

– Put a cleaner down the drains / plug holes.

Spring cleaning time is also a good opportunity to write down any little jobs that need doing, as you move from room to room. These could be to touch up paintwork, change light bulbs, or replace an item that no longer functions. Our step by step Spring clean list of jobs is just what you need to get everything sorted.