Do You Really Need Your Carpets Cleaned?

The carpet in our homes is often taken for granted. It provides us warmth and comfort and is inviting to family and friends when they visit. We walk on it, study on it, we play with children and pets on it and occasionally we spill a drink on it, but our carpets don’t complain. Don’t you think they deserve some TLC once in a while? I am talking, of course, about having them cleaned. Your carpets don’t just look good on their own, they require care and maintenance and a regular cleaning, yet they don’t always get it. If you have been putting off getting your carpets cleaned, here are three reasons that you should contact Flower Maid now and let one of our professionals steam clean your carpets today.

First, clean carpets are healthier carpets. You may not know this, but your carpets contain more germs and bacteria than the typical toilet. Everything that you walk through during the day is brought home and tracked across your carpets. From toxic airborne gasses and dust mites, to pet dander, mold and feces, your carpets become an indoor filter of sorts, trapping particles that could be harmful to your health.

Another reason that you should have your carpets cleaned often, is that they are an investment in your home. Carpeting is not inexpensive and replacing it could be very costly. As your carpet becomes dirty, it wears down and the fibers begin to break down. This premature wear will make your carpets uncomfortable to walk on and tears or runs in the fabric could lead to safety hazards. Keeping your carpets clean will help them last longer and keep them looking like new.

Finally, beyond the health and financial concerns, there is appearance. A dirty or unmaintained carpet makes a bad initial impression on guests when they come to visit. It is embarrassing and could lead to anxiety and stress. A clean carpet will make a good first impression and will smell fresh leaving your home inviting and noticeably cleaner.

Is your carpet looking dirty or it smells unfresh? Get it ready for Christmas by having Flower Maid clean your carpets today. You will save money, your carpets will look like new and your home will smell fresh and clean.