How To Make A Cleaning Caddy?

The more organised your cleaning supplies are, the more efficient your cleaning routine will be. Having all your cleaning tools, such as dusters, cloths, spray bottles and whatever else you need as you move around the home doing chores, in one place means you just have to grab and go. This will in turn make the overflowing cupboard under the sink in better order.

Plastic cleaning caddies can be found in a wide range of shops, from high end homeware stores, to discount and pound shops. If you like the idea of recycling, you can really use any plastic tub that is the right size for you and easy to carry around as you go from room to room.

To put together your ultimate cleaning kit, think about the items that you use regularly, what you like and what works. You don’t want to just put all of your cleaning supplies straight from the cupboard into the caddy, because you might be surprised to find out you don’t actually use half of it. This is a great excuse to streamline the range of cleaning products that you have and use on a regular basis.

Nice cleaning equipment can put a smile on your face and make mundane tasks a little more enjoyable, and so treat yourself to some funky rubber gloves, colourful clothes and new spray bottles to go into your new cleaning caddy, and take this opportunity to give your cleaning equipment a bit of an audit.

Here is an example of the contents of a useful and streamlined cleaning caddy;

– wood polish
– multi-purpose cleaner
– glass cleaner
– micro-fibre clothes
– disinfectant wipes
– bleach/toilet cleaner
– Rubber gloves

Obviously everyone has their own preferences, so just include the products that you like to use for cleaning your home.