How To Keep Dust Under Control

As the days become longer and the sun gets higher in the sky, more light is naturally let into the home. This can be a positive in so many ways, however the negative is that suddenly every spec of dust begins to show up as the sun can once again shine in the windows. Here are some steps to keeping the dust in your home under control;

– Damp dust. This is simply dusting with a damp cloth. By doing this it will ensure that the dust you wipe over sticks to the cloth and can be rinsed away, as opposed to when you dust with a dry duster and simply move the dust around.

– Vacuum in the corners. When you vacuum ( Flower Maid recommends Dyson Vacuums) , be sure to use the attachments and do along the wall and in any corners or hard to reach places as this is where dust tends to gather. A clean floor will instantly make the room look and feel better.

– Clean your windows regularly. Dirty windows look terrible when the sun shines through them and make the interior room feel dirty even if it isn’t. Be sure to clean the windows on a regular basis and the inside of your home will look and feel cleaner.

– If your home gets really dusty, it really only takes a few minutes to dust around daily. Dark surfaces show the dirt more, as do electrical items such as TV’s and games consoles, and so doing these on a regular basis is vital.


Finally, the easy option is to hire a domestic cleaner to come in on a regular basis and give your home the once over, leaving it free of dust, debris and anything else that makes your home look unclean.