How To Help Your Home Retain The Heat

How To Help Your Home Retain The Heat by Flower Maid


Keeping your house warm over the winter period is something that many people struggle to do. It’s not only the financial aspect of wasting heat in your home that is a problem for most, but also the ability for it to stay warm when the heating goes off. Here are some tips for helping your home retain the heat this winter;


1 – Use tin foil behind the radiators to help the room retain the heat. By using heat reflective aluminium foil behind the radiator, the heat will be reflected back into the room instead of lost through the wall. This is an instant and inexpensive thing you can do to improve the warmth in the room of your home.


2 – Good old-fashioned draught excluders, thick curtains, and rugs are all things that can help your home stay warmer this winter. Hang lined curtains at windows, but also at the front door where it can be draughty. Draught excluders are useful in any places that loose the cold, for example under doors, and rugs can help floors with no carpets feel warmer.


3 – Identify where your home is loosing heat, for example; cat flaps, bare floorboards, unused rooms and more can cause your home to loose heat quickly. These should be sealed off or covered where possible to avoid draughts and heat loss.


4 – Obviously double glazing and a modern fully fitted front door are things that will instantly make a difference to keeping your home better insulated, however these are expensive renovations that not everyone can afford, or in the case of rented accommodation, isn’t possible. Most homes do have double glazing nowadays though, but if you don’t then remember to insulate the windows with heavy lined curtains.


5 – Loft and cavity wall insulation is another larger thing that is suitable for a selection of homes. If you have a property that could benefit from loft and cavity wall insulation then it is well worth looking into as government grants can be applied for to make this an affordable, or even free, choice for everyone.