How To Get Your Home Ready For The Festive Season

How To Get Your Home Ready For The Festive Season

As both Christmas and New Year quickly approach, many people will have organised visits, gatherings, and parties with friends and family. Many of these social occasions will be held at home, which will make it likely that you will want to get the place looking it’s best, and ready for some festive footfall through the front door. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare your home for the party season;

1 – Clear the clutter

In order to create an open and spacious environment it is best to put away any items that are causing your home to look cluttered. Piles of books or rows of shoes may be fine normally, but the more people you have in your home, the more cluttered these items will make the place appear.

2 – Carry out any decor and repair

If you have had some odd jobs on your to do list, then this is the time to do it. Tidying up the front path, painting the front door, repainting the hallway or rehanging the bathroom mirror are just some examples of things that can create a better impression done, than not.

3 – Clean all floors

Make sure that all the floors are vacuumed and free from clutter. This will go a long way to making the room look it’s best.

4 – Plan lighting

When it gets dark, you don’t want to put the main light on as this will likely ruin the effect that any Christmas lights have and take away from the cosy atmosphere you wish there to be. Instead, arrange some small lamps around the room, and combined with Christmas lights this will create a lovely glow.

5 – Arrange furniture

Have in mind where people can sit and put drinks, this can help you prevent spillages and awkward seating arrangements when people actually arrive.