How To Fill Your Home With Autumn Scent

How To Fill Your Home With Autumn Scent


Autumn sees us spend more time at home and enjoy the relaxing feeling of cosying up on the sofa under a blanket with a good book or a film. Home fragrance that evokes the season is a big part of enjoying Autumn, as the nights draw in, woolly jumpers are looked out, and the heating put on. Here are a few ways of filling your home with the scent of Autumn;


Scented candles are always a good choice for bringing warmth and fragrance into a room. This is a time of year where many people enjoy lighting candles as they settle down for the evening, and so what better way to add a warming scent than with a scented candle. Popular scents that will evoke the spirit of Autumn are pumpkin and spices, apple and cinnamon, and anything that evokes the feelings of local harvests, Autumn leaves, and open fires.


While Potpourri may seem a little outdated, there are ways of using dried scented leaves, berries and cinnamon sticks that will look thoroughly modern. Think of new ways to display them, such as cinnamon sticks in a jar, or a homemade wreath.


Commercial air fresheners have much to offer in the way of warm and comforting scents for the home, and you can choose from a wide range of products such as reed diffusers, gel air fresheners, room sprays, plug ins and more. You can easily make your own room spray however with water and just a few drops of essential oils – think spices, orange, and woody scents.


If cooking and baking is your thing, then you simply cannot beat the smell of fresh bread, cookies or cakes. Cooking meals in a slow cooker will fill your home gradually throughout the day with a scent of home cooking, and if you have been out at work all day it is a wonderful aroma to come home to.


Whatever your preferred way to scent your home for Autumn is, be sure to take care and follow all health and safety guidelines, especially for candles.