How to de clutter your home

Spring rolls around and suddenly everyone jumps on the “spring cleaning” bandwagon. Trying to get everything tidied and spruced up so you can enjoy your home more in the nicer weather is a good idea, but it can be a difficult process if you’ve got loads and loads of stuff lying around. This is where decluttering comes in – getting rid of stuff you no longer want, need, or use can be incredibly liberating, but finding the motivation to do it can be hard to do. We’ve got some tips to help you on your way!

Pull everything out so you can see it

You can’t get rid of things you can’t see. Go through those cupboards, baskets and drawers and pull everything out. Have a good sort through all the contents and decide what you do want and what you’re hanging on to “just in case.” More often than not you’ll find things that have been tucked away in drawers are things you haven’t used in months and you don’t really need anymore.
Pulling everything out is especially important for things like wardrobes and chests of drawers – clothes accumulate over the years and you really don’t need all of them. Get sorting!

Separate your stuff

The easiest way to go about decluttering the things you’ve pulled out from the various hidey holes around your home is to separate it all once you’ve checked through it. We find the best way to do that it is to separate things into “keep”, “sell”, “charity”, and “throw away” piles – that way you have somewhere specific to put all the items you’ve sorted through. You can add a “give away” pile if you think you have things family and friends would like, but either way, separation is key!


Tackle things bit by bit

You don’t have the time for that, you say? We hear you! No one really has the time to tackle every bit of their house in one go, so maybe try doing it room by room, or even different sections of the room. You could dedicate an hour or so to clearing out the kitchen drawers, half your Sunday morning to clearing through the wardrobe and ten minutes or so sorting through the shoe cupboard here and there. It doesn’t all have to be done at once, just make sure you get started and stick with it.


Get the rest of your household involved

Obviously if you live alone it’s all on you, but if you have family, friends or housemates living with you, get them involved, too! Having other people on board reduces the amount of work you have to do, and it cuts down the time decluttering will take, giving you more time to enjoy your clean, clutter free area – and it’ll make it easier to have things cleaned up, and spic and span in no time.


And finally, enjoy your space!

You’ve put a lot of hard work in clearing out your stuff, tidying your house and making sure everything you own has a use and a rightful place – now make sure you enjoy it! It really is an amazingly refreshing feeling having a home not filled with things you don’t need to keep, and cleaning will be so much easier.


We hope you found our tips on how to de clutter your home helpful! Happy cleaning.


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