How To Clean A Barbeque Grill

Many people ask us for advice on how to clean a barbeque grill. It can be a common problem when either cleaning up after a BBQ or when you have left it and now need it clean for an up and coming BBQ. Some people might be getting the barbeque out of hibernation, only to find out that the grill hasn’t been cleaned since it was used last summer! Well, fear not, here we give our expert cleaning advice on getting the BBQ grill clean.

We should start by saying that more sophisticated barbeques may indeed come with their own cleaning instructions, and so follow them if applicable. If not, you can follow our advice here in your efforts to clean your barbecue grill. 

Start by placing your grill, in place on the barbeque, and turn it onto full heat. Put the lid on and leave it to bake off the stuck on food and grime for about 20 minutes. If you have a gas barbecue, this is as straightforward as lighting it, and if you have a charcoal barbeque, simply place some new coals on and wait for them to get red-hot.

Carefully remove the grill once it has cooled down, and use a wire brush (you can get ones designed for such a purpose) to scrape off the grime. This should feel quite effortless to clean, and you can then clean the grill further in hot soapy water if need be.

It is of course always best to clean the barbeque grill after use, when the barbeque is still set up. Follow the steps as above, leave it to cool, and then wash it in hot soapy water, using either a wire brush or a similar abrasive pad to take off any stubborn burnt on bits of food.