How to Avoid Allergies this Summer

Even though summer might be a beautiful time of year it does have its downsides, and summertime allergies are one of them. They affect thousands of people every year and can leave the countryside swarming with runny-nosed, red eyed zombies. However, there are a few tricks that can help you to avoid the horror this year, which may not even have to include annoying pills and sprays.

The summertime time allergies are caused by grass pollen and can leave you looking like you’ve just endured a boxing match. Whilst most people experience runny-noses, red and watery eyes or itchy eyes and nose, it can physically affect your appearance, giving sufferers black eyes and red lines on their faces. Here are a few tricks to help ease your suffering

  • Washing your hair – pollens can get caught in your hair, so make sure you wash it every night to help ease you into sleep
  • Keeping your home clean – dust mites and pollens can settle in your home, meaning that you’re not safe even when you’re indoors. However, cleaning can stir these up and cause your allergies to come back even worse than before. If you hire an outside cleaner by the time you get home you’ll be able to breathe easy, as any missed mites or pollens will have settled.
  • Keeping calm – make sure you spend some time every day to relax! Studies have shown that increased levels of stress cause worse allergic reactions.
  • Cover up – If you’re spending time outside, wear glasses to cover your eyes, helping to stop them from becoming itchy and red. If you need to do the gardening, but are scared of the inevitable reaction, cover your mouth and nose with a mask to stop you from breathing pollen in.
  • Trap it out! – keep your windows and doors shut when not necessary to keep the pollens out of your home. If you own a pet they could be bringing the allergens in with them, keep them clean and groomed.