How Do I Clean My Doormat?

People rarely think about cleaning their doormat at the front door, yet this is what dirty shoes are constantly rubbed on day in, day out. All the dirt from the street, mud from wet weather, and general dirt picked up while out is then put onto this mat as we wipe our feet before going inside. The fact that the doormat lives outside the house usually means we don’t think about cleaning it.

Front door mats tend to be made of tough fibres, completely unsuitable for going into the washing machine. However, there are several different ways you can clean your outdoor doormat, here are a few options;

1 – Use a vacuum cleaner with the attachement to get up loose debris, and then use a soapy solution with a stiff scrubbing brush to scrub and wash the mat. You can rinse it then by pouring clean water over it, then either hang it on the washing line or leave in the sun to dry.

2 – Beat the door mat against a hard surface such as an outdoor wall to get most of the loose dirt off. Then, using a soapy solution (such as washing up liquid in warm water), use a scrubbing brush to get as much of the dirt out as you can. One way of rinsing the soapy solution off is to use a garden hose if one is handy. Finish by leaving the mat outdoors. on a warm and dry day, to dry.

3 – Finally, it is an option if you have a power washer to use this to clean the mat. You can prop it up, as opposed to having it lie flat, to ensure that you can target the mat from all angles. Using plain water might be sufficient enough to clean the mat, although using some soap solution and a scrubbing brush, in between 2 jet washes, will get it really clean.

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