Homemade Window Cleaner

Homemade Window Cleaner by Flower Maid


Are you looking for an inexpensive homemade window cleaner? Window cleaners are a very easy product to make yourself at home, requiring very few ingredients. Natural non-toxic homemade window cleaners are the best way to go when cleaning your own windows at home. Here are a few ideas on how to DIY some cleaning for streak-free windows.


Vinegar and Water

A simple solution of vinegar in water is an excellent way to achieve clean and streak-free window panes. This is also a great solution to use for cleaning mirrors too. To make this, add equal amounts of vinegar and water to a bowl, or even better put this into a spray bottle so that it is on hand whenever you want to wipe your windows. If the glass is quite dirty, then it is a good idea to clean them first with soapy water. A microfibre or lint free cloth is great to achieve a streak-free shine.


Soap, Vinegar, and Water

A different but just as effective solution is to mix a small amount of liquid soap, such as washing up liquid, into water, and then add about an eighth vinegar too. The vinegar will ensure a streak-free finish on any glass surface, allowing you to shine the glass with a microfibre or lint free cloth. Scrunched up old newspapers of brown paper also make a great buffer for drying the windows and getting a smear-free shine.


If you enjoy fragrance in your cleaning products, and the beautiful aroma that they can leave behind, then this is still possible to get from homemade products. Lemon juice works much the same way as vinegar does in that it cuts through grease – add a squirt or two to your solution to get a zesty fresh lemon smell. Essential oils can be used for a natural fragrance, and only a few drops are required in order to leave behind a fresh and appealing smell.


These homemade window cleaning solutions will save you money, they are better for your general health, and are also better for the environment than the harsh chemicals that are sold in the shops.