Holiday guest room cleaning check-list

The holidays often involve friends and/or family coming to stay, be if for a couple of nights or longer. Most people have a spare room or guest room to put people up in, however others have to make room in perhaps a child’s room or what is usually a home office, if they don’t have anywhere else for them to sleep. Nevertheless, everyone who has guests to stay over the holidays will have to get a room of some sort ready for them. Here are a few helpful hints on getting rooms ready for holiday guests;


1 – Firstly you need to get the room tidied. Remove clutter, and if there is no where else to put it you can still conceal it to some extent by getting inexpensive but attractive storage boxes and leaving them in the corner. Remember that your guests will want to have space to put their own things such as clothes, toiletries, books, and so on.


2 – Clean the room from top to bottom. Vacuum the floors thoroughly, getting into the corners and also under the furniture. Go around the skirting boards, door frames, tops of the furniture and so on with a cloth to ensure that everywhere is dirt and dust free. Make sure that there are no cobwebs in the corners either. Lastly, clean the window inside and out, this will not only allow more light into the room but it will give a sparkley and clean feel.


3 – Always put fresh linen on the bed for guests. Change the sheets and bedcovers and make sure the curtains are clean and smell fresh. This will go a long way to making your guest feel welcome and well rested.


4 – Provide sufficiently useful items such as coat hangers in the wardrobe, and also an unopened bottle or two of mineral water and clean glasses incase your guests should need a drink in the night or early morning. Fresh towels should be laid out for them too in case they didn’t bring their own, and if you have a clean robe available then leave this in the room too. People offer various different items for their guests, this is just a suggestion, but be sure to cater to their needs.


5 – Finally, don’t forget to apply finishing touches to the room – for example an air freshener or room fragrance of some sort, and perhaps some chocolates or boiled sweets just as a little extra. Some people also like to leave a few books or magazines in the room for guests, and even information such as the wi-fi password for the house.