Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we’ll be able to answer your questions below, however if what you’re looking for isn’t here then don’t hesitate to call or email us.
Will the same maids visit my home each time?
We try to send the same cleaning team to visit your home each time, for the sake of consistency, and their prior knowledge of your home and your requirements. If for any reason you wish to have a different team or maid visit you, just let us know and we’ll find a maid you’re comfortable working with.
Do I need to be at home when you clean?
This is entirely up to you. It isn’t necessary for you to be there if you’re busy or would simply prefer not to be there. If this is the case our team will need to collect a key from you beforehand so our maids can let themselves in. Many of our regular customers do this and we are fully insured to do so, although if you don’t feel comfortable giving our team a key you will need to be present to let our maids in. In the unlikely event that a key you give us is lost we will pay to have a replacement cut for you.
Are you environmentally friendly?
At Flower Maid we strive to make sure that our cleaning services are eco-friendly, to minimise our impact on the environment and the possible use of harmful chemicals in your home. We use bagless Dyson vacuum cleaners, which reduce waste as no bags need to be thrown away when they’re emptied, and make sure all of our cleaning products are eco-friendly. We strive to reuse all rags, cloths and bottles used to clean your home or business, and recycle all materials when they can no longer be reused. Finally as much electricity as possible is saved, as our maids unplug equipment and turn off lights after themselves. Our latest addition of cleaning teams on a bicycle reduces carbon foot print to minimum even more helping the planet while cleaning your home.
Are Flower Maid a pet friendly company?
Our maids are more than happy to clean your home if you have pets, although we do need a little fore-warning in advance so our maids are prepared. If your pet may be aggressive in any way towards our staff or could cause an obstruction to their work we do please ask that the animal is secured or removed before our maids arrive. Our Dyson vacuum cleaners are excellent at cleaning and removing animal hair from your home, meaning that cleaning up after them will be a piece of cake.
Will I be tied down to Flower Maid?
No. As we pride ourselves on our cleaning and customer services we aim to build a long lasting relationship with our customers due to our ability to work to your needs and criteria. This means that we never tie down our customers with contracts, you’re free to use us when you please. Due to our desire to create a strong relationship with our clients, if you wish to give us feedback about our services, whether good or bad we are always happy to hear from you and to take your messages on board.
Who visits to clean my home?
A team of two or one of our fully trained maids will visit your home. So there’s no worry or hassle all members of our staff are fully insured, meaning that if there is a rare occasion that anything is broken there will be no trouble replacing it. Our maids are extremely professional and whilst they’re in your home or business they will not eat, smoke or use any of your appliances. We strive to meet applicable health and safety regulations, and always try to maintain the highest of standards when it comes to your home.
What will Flower Maid do in my house?
Flower Maid’s cleaning services are all fitted around you. We mould each job to fit the specifications of the customer and their home. However, if you just require a basic cleaning service our maids will dust every surface in the required rooms, as well as pictures, ornaments and any other objects out in the open, as well as vacuuming all carpets and sweeping hard floors. If you’re in need of a more thorough cleaning service such as a Spring Cleaning then our maids will clean cupboard fronts and insides, wash floors and extensively clean kitchens and bathrooms. You may also include other extras in your cleaning service, such as ironing, oven cleaning or carpet cleaning.
Do I need to provide anything for the cleaners?
No, our maids come to your home fully-equipped, with fully-insured supplies such as Dyson vacuum cleaners and other eco-friendly products.
What time will the cleaners visit?
We try to be as flexible as possible for our customer’s needs, although the majority of our visits are between 8.30am and 5.30pm on a Monday to Saturday. Exact timings can be difficult to provide, but we try our hardest to be as accurate as possible and will let you know if our maids will visit in the morning or afternoon.
If I give Flower Maid my keys who has access to them?
We understand that this may be worrying for our customers, so we make every effort to ensure their safety. The only people who have access to your keys will be the Flower Maid manager and the Route Manager who actually visits your home. The only reference to the keys will be an identification number, which is kept separate from the keys at all times, so no one will know the address for each set of keys except our most trusted team members.
How do I pay for my cleaning service?
This depends on how often our team visit you and your preferred method of payment. If you have organised a one off or occasional clean our team will require a 50% deposit before they visit your property. If you use our cleaning services regularly we can either set up a direct debit. If you wish to pay by debit or credit card call our team for more information.
Do I have to do anything before Flower Maid’s cleaning team arrives?
We appreciate our customers just clearing away general mess, such as clothing or toys, as this allows our team to spend more time cleaning your home instead of tidying away items.
If I have a regular cleaning service and one falls on a statutory holiday what should I do?
If this occurs a member of our team will contact you and we’ll re-organise our visit to suit your needs.
If I am going on holiday and don’t want the team to visit my home whilst I’m away what should I do?
Let us know before you leave, between two to seven working days. We can then re-organise our cleaning service at a more suitable time. Please be sure to contact us as if you don’t and our maids visit your home anyway we will charge you full price for the cleaning service.
What areas do you cover?
For regular cleaning services such as weekly or biweekly visits, we cover Chiswick, Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Twickenham, Ealing, Acton, Wimbledon, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush.

For one of the cleaning services such as Spring Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Builders Cleaning we cover Entire West London, South West and Central London

If something is broken whilst Flower Maids team is there, what happens?
Our maids are extremely careful, but just in case anything is unfortunately broken we either replace or repair the damaged item. All of our staff are fully insured, so you don’t need to worry about your possessions whilst they’re working.
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If you need to cancel or re-arrange please let us know between two to seven working days before our visit. If you make a cancellation and provide us with less than two working days’ notice our team will charge you 50% of the overall cleaning price.


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