Flower Maid Hamper Ideas For Christmas

Flower Maid’s Homemade Hamper Ideas For Christmas


When it comes to Christmas gifts, most of us attempt to come up with something a little more imaginative that the commonly given gift sets, but it is not always easy. Many people actually appreciate something that has been put together with thought and creativity, and these gifts often work out a lot cheaper than buying ready made ones. Hampers are a great way of compiling a variety of small gifts into an attractive package, you can buy a basket or cover a cardboard box in attractive paper, and put the individual items inside. Here are some ideas for making homemade hampers for this year’s Christmas gifts;


Pamper Hamper

A pamper hamper can include whatever luxury items the recipient might like in order for them to indulge. For a female; face masks, cooling eye mask, small box of chocolates, and a small bottle of wine or champagne, are all things you can include.


Movie Hamper

This is great for those who younger people who you are not sure what to buy. A DVD, some popcorn, bottle of pop, and maybe a Pizza voucher is one idea. Or some sweet treats and a cinema or google play voucher is another.


Home Hamper

A home hamper can contain a scented candle, reed diffusers, nice tea towels, hand soap, fancy peg-bag, and any other things that are nice for around the home.


Bath Hamper

For a bath hamper you could include a novelty sponge, some bubble bath, a shower cap and perhaps a bath pillow. A small bottle of wine might be welcome in here too.


Car Care Hamper

A car care hamper is a good idea for those men who are hard to buy for. A car air freshener, chammy leather, dashboard wipes, turtle wax, an ice scraper, are all ideas that can go into this.


Breakfast Hamper

Luxury jams, marmalades and breakfast teas are all items that will make a lovely breakfast hamper.


Now that you have these ideas, it will be easy to get creative and tailor a homemade hamper to your recipient.