Flower Maid Cleaning Services in Chelsea

Shortly about Chelsea

There are so many great places to live in London that it can be hard to know exactly which area is the right one for you. However, there are certain spots throughout the capital that really are hard to beat.

Famous for the TV show that swept across the nation, it is easy to think that Chelsea is little more than a backdrop to fights, flings and falling outs, but the truth is that it isn’t really the case. In fact, Chelsea has so much more to offer than scripted reality TV may have you believe.

The shopping here is amazing

Of course, chances are that you are not going to base where you live around the shopping opportunities, but surely living in a place where you can shop in some amazing stores is a bonus? If you do love designer names and luxury items, then Chelsea shopping is going to be right up your street. Not only this, but as well as the modern boutiques and high street stores, you can also find a wealth of antiques too.

There are so many places to eat

When you have finished work and want to relax, or perhaps spend time with your friends and loved ones, what better way to do that then combining social time with amazing food. The great thing about Chelsea is that it can definitely give you the chance to do both. In fact, Chelsea is actually home to some of the best restaurants in London, including Marco Grill and Gordon Ramsay’s three Michelin starred eaterie too.

The houses are beautiful

Whilst Chelsea is well-known for being an expensive part of London to live in, this is with good reason. Not only is the area itself beautiful, but the houses that you can buy or rent are equally as breath-taking. Chelsea houses have a real sense of elegance about them, which are hard to beat.

There is a top quality football team

Now, whether you like football or not, one great boast for those who live in Chelsea has to be the football team. With their home at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are recognised as being one of the best football teams in the entire world and the pride of the fans that flock to see their favourites play is something that has to be seen to be believed. In fact, you will be hard pressed not to spot the team colours, throughout Chelsea whilst you are out and about.

There is culture too

If football is not your thing, then perhaps you may want to think about taking in a spot of culture instead. There are plenty of amazing spots to take in some history and culture. If art is your thing then you may want to visit the Saatchi Gallery as a chance to explore not only amazing art, but also a stunning building too. It doesn’t matter where you choose to live in London, here at Flower Maid we are here to help ensure that your home always feels its very best. Get in touch with us to learn more about our London based cleaning service and how we can help to make sure that your Chelsea home is your castle.