Creative toy storage tips

There are endless ideas across the internet and in magazines on creative ways of storing toys. Children’s bedrooms can easily become overrun by toys and it can seem impossible to find a place to put everything neatly away. Why not try some of these storage solutions for toys that we have come up with here;


1 – Shoe holders that come in the form of a plastic sheet to hang, with pockets, are a great storage solution for little soft toys and suchlike. These are sometimes used on the back of a bathroom door as storage, but they are also extremely useful for toys.


2 – Fabric tied into a make-shift hammock, high up, is a great way of keeping soft toys out of the way, but they can still in the room where the child can see them. This is an attractive storage solution that can be adapted to suit the colour and decor of the room.


3 – All sorts of bookcases and cubby holes are useful. Toys can be tidied up into the compartments, but not only this, for a more neat and tidy look then appropriately sized boxes or crates can be used.


4 – Large plastic sweet jars with screw lids are fantastic for keeping all those small bits and pieces in order and out of the way. Small doll clothes and shoes, cars, soldiers, small figures, etc. Also crayons and any other art supplies are good stored this way too.


5 – All sorts of racks are useful for storing toys, and there are many many different kinds on offer from garage and tool storage racks, to shoe racks.


6 – Don’t overlook plain old bedroom furniture as a creative solution for storing toys, with a little imagination you can transform these items into some really useful storage options. Drawers speak for themselves , but then wardrobes and small armoires can have shelves added, even be turned into a dolls house, and best of all it has doors that close, hiding the contents inside to give the bedroom an overall tidier look. Giving old furniture a fresh coat of paint can give it a whole new look, perhaps choose a bight colour with some artwork on the front for a fun look.


There are many ways you can use what you have and can get for free, without going out and buying new storage, just add a little imagination.