Cleaning with Eco Friendly citrus products

Citrus fruits are a common scent and theme in commercial cleaning products. This isn’t only because of their fresh and clean smell, but also because of the oil in the citrus peels (called D-limonene) being an effective solvent for grease and dirt. It makes sense therefore that these wonderful smelling fruits, such as oranges, lemons and limes, be used in home cleaning products.

You can make your own citrus home Eco Friendly cleaning products fairly easily at home with just a few simple store-cupboard ingredients such as vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda, and it is also a great way of making use of the peels after you use the actual fruits in culinary pursuits. If you ever get the chance to pick up some reduced price oranges or lemons then making cleaning products with them is the ideal way to make use of a lot of them. Here are a few ideas on how you can use citrus in your home-made cleaning products;

Vinegar makes an excellent all-purpose cleaner. Simply soak the citrus peels in a jar of vinegar for about a month so that they have the chance to infuse, and then mash them down with a potato masher so that the oils are freed, and then and strain. The liquid can then be used in a spray bottle, water can be added if need be to dilute it, and then you have an all natural and very cost effective multi-purpose cleaner that is ideal for kitchen work surfaces, windows and mirrors, bathroom surfaces, and much more.

Wood polish can also be made with citrus very easily by adding equal parts citrus juice (such as lemon) and olive oil. Once you have rubbed a small amount into wooden furniture (or floors) the wonderful fresh lemon smell will linger. If salt is mixed with lemon juice then this can be used as a spot stain remover on fabric such as upholstery in the home. There are many more recipes for home made cleaning products with citrus, as this wonderful natural by-product of the fruit has many uses and benefits.

So, whether you go for a commercial natural cleaner, chemical cleaner, or home-made cleaner, if they all have citrus as an added ingredient you are going to get the benefits of the scent and of the cleaning power. Some of the commercial chemical cleaners will have citrus in an artificial form, but obviously the natural extract is best for the home and the environment.