Cleaning Jobs For Autumn

Cleaning Jobs For Autumn by Flower Maid


As each season comes, so do a new set of cleaning tasks for keeping your home in order. Just as with Spring cleaning, the Autumn gives us a chance to get on with cleaning jobs that are largely ignored for most of the year. Get your home in order by doing these cleaning jobs for Autumn, and know that your home is clean and organised when you cosy in on the dark evenings in from of the TV.


Firstly, if you don’t regularly clean behind the furniture then this is an opportunity to pull all of the furniture out and vacuum behind and underneath it. Wipe the skirting boards, and get rid of dust and cobwebs from the corners – not just on the floor, but up the walls and around the ceiling too. Use a feather-type duster to do the light fittings and anywhere up high that can gather dust.


After hoovering and dusting as necessary, you should turn your attention to tidying drawers, wardrobes and cupboards. This will serve you well in the coming Winter when you are looking for a torch or something specific. This is a good chance for a bit of a clear out too, any clothes and household bits that are no longer needed can go into the charity shop or recycling pile.


Next, turn your attention to the kitchen. Cupboards should be emptied and cleaned outside and in with a soapy solution, and food dates checked as items are put back in the cupboard. This is a time that you should get your freezer in order too, know what is in there and assess how much room you have for future stores.


Of course there is always the option to hire a professional cleaner to give your home a thorough seasonal clean. A professional cleaner will know all of the required cleaning jobs before Winter, but you will be able to give them any specific jobs of your own you may have too, and you will be able to trust that it is done properly.