How To Clean Reading Glasses

What do you need to clean your glasses?

If you want to clean your reading glasses and you do not have any specialist glasses cleaning equipment, then fear not. Here is a quick and easy way to clean your reading glasses.

Instructions using home tools

Remove the glasses from your face, and using a mild liquid soap (a lotion-free hand wash, or gentle washing up liquid will suffice) place a drop on each lens, front and back. Gently massage in the gel to the lens with your fingers, before running it under warm water as you do so. Eventually, rinse off the lens’ under the warm water, and finish with drying with a soft lint free cloth. A clean microfiber cloth or a specialist glasses lens cloth is a great way of drying them. Your glasses should then be clean, sparkling and smear free.

Instructions using shop bought tools

You can buy many specialist glasses cleaning kits, as well as cloths that do not need any solution to help them clean at all. This way of cleaning your spectacles with soap and water however, is a quick and easy way for when you need to, and you can do it almost anywhere. Be sure that you use soft cloths and non abrasive cleaning solutions, to ensure that your glasses stay in their best condition and scratch-free.