How to Clean Pet Bedding

Quite often it is the dog bedding that makes the house smell of dog, more than the animal itself. With the better weather coming, it is the perfect opportunity to get the dog bedding washed and dried, and also aired on a regular basis. Many dog beds come with washable covers, however many do not, so here we will do our best to suggest useful ways for cleaning your dog’s bed.

Cushions, beds and blankets that are machine washable still need to be shaken out and/or vacuumed before putting them in the washing machine. This is not only in case there are little bits of food and debris in amongst them, but also to remove as much dog hair from them as is possible. Dog hair will clog the machine so it is something to be careful about.

Always wash dog bedding separately to other laundry. A dog’s bed can be harbouring all sorts of pests and allergens, and so wash it at as high a temperature as the fabrics permit, and use a biological washing powder or liquid. Blankets, single duvets, and dog bed covers should all fit in the machine no problem, however large dog cushions can be a problem. It is preferable to get a cushion that has the inner covered in a wipeable plastic fabric, however if not, washing it by hand in the bath is an option.

The best way to dry dog beds and cushions is outside, letting them air, and dry naturally and thoroughly. Of course this is not always possible and so a tumble dryer, or placing them on an airer indoors near an open window is the next best thing. In between washes, it is always a good idea to shake out and hoover your dog’s bed, hanging it outside to air when possible.

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