A Brief Spring Gardening Guide

As the weather improves, more and more people are beginning to get out into their gardens and think about making it more attractive for the Spring and Summer months. Whether you be a keen gardener, or someone who just wants to make it look nice for the Summer season, there are certain ‘must do’ jobs that present themselves after the Winter. Here are some simple steps to Spring gardening;

Trim back trees and bushes

A large part of clearing the garden and getting it ready for planting involves cutting back overgrown shrubs, trimming hedges, and cutting back any other large plants that have began to impose on the paths and other plants in the garden. By doing this your garden will instantly appear more tidy and maintained.

Clear up the garden

After cutting back all hedges and whatever else needs attention, clear all areas of rubbish, organic debris, dead plants, and whatever else should not be where it is. Clearing up the garden is what should be finished before any planting takes place.

Note any maintenance

If you have decking or fences that need repair or treatment, or paving that needs cleaned or fixed, make a note of it to be dealt with at a later date (unless you are planning on doing it immediately). This can then be done yourself, or you can hire someone to come in and deal with it.

Choose new plants

After clearing the garden and trimming back all existing plants (that require it) you will be able to plainly see what space is left for new planting. Bedding plants are an excellent way to inject instant colour into the garden. Choose plants that flower in late April, and May, as well as in the Summer months so that you can experience the joy of flowering plants.