The Best Way To Clean A Concrete Path

As we move toward summer, we can begin to notice just how grubby our outdoor paths and patios have become. This is something that is easily fixed however, and can really transform your outdoor area. Here is a tip on the best way to clean a concrete path;

The quick and easy way to clean a mild to moderate soiled concrete path or patio is to use a power washer. With this, there isn’t any need to even sweep over the area first, as it will sweep and wash all in one go, and just water alone will be enough for this. By blasting the concrete with a jet wash it will easily remove dirt stains, debris and organic matter that has attached itself to the surface.

Most power washers do have the option for detergent to be added, and specialist detergent for the machine is available should you choose to add it, however for most machines they will be compatible with some mild soap solution – and bear in mind that because you are using this out of doors, the detergent you use will have an affect on any soil and plants that live nearby. The more eco-friendly, the better.

It is possible to clean your concrete path or patio without a jet wash, just by using a stiff broom and some mild soapy water – and this technique is also useful for anything stubborn that the jet wash cannot get off. This is a job that is worth the effort as it can transform the entrance to your home, and also by cleaning a patio you can then create somewhere attractive to sit out come the summer months, maybe even add some new potted plants.