The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

It is thought that the practice of spring cleaning dates right back to ancient times with early Jews cleaning in preparation of passover and early Christians cleansing their living space in the time period between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. There is still an element of ritual and ceremony to a good old fashioned spring clean, but nowadays it can be hugely cathartic and provides a whole host of benefits that are easy to overlook:

Alleviates anxiety

Being surrounding by clutter can remind you of your past. There is something immensely cathartic about sorting through your belongings and deciding what you really need in your life. Anything that reminds you of a time in your life that you are trying to move on from needs to be discarded of, ideally given to charity or passed on to someone who could use it rather than adding to the debris in landfill. As well as helping to declutter your mind and make you feel calmer, spring cleaning is a great way to put you on the right track to thinking about your future and any changes that you might like to make.

Makes you more productive

If you work from home then a messy office or untidy desk can really hinder your productivity. Being surrounded by mess can not only slow down progress but it can also make events feel more stressful and overwhelming.

Even if you don’t ever work or study from home, having to hunt about for important documents or belongings can waste your valuable time. Having a good sort out, followed by a thorough clean each spring means that you are starting with a nice clean slate and will find that you get more things done and are far more efficient.

Uncovers lost gems

One of the best things about having a good thorough sort out is that it inevitable means that you will chance across your favourite book that you swore you lent to your best friend or that dvd that you’ve been hunting for. Once your house is spotless, you can really sit back and enjoy the albums, books and dvds that you thought you’d lost.

Makes you more sociable

We have all been caught short by an unannounced visitor who somehow manages to drop by on the one day of the week that our house looks less than pristine. It can be pretty awkward and embarrassing. Having a really thorough clean each spring means that you can ask friends over knowing that they will feel relaxed in your surroundings.

The feeling you get from a beautifully clean and tidy home

Even the scruffiest people in the world will admit then when their surroundings are tidy and clean that they find it more relaxing and enjoy spending time at home. Having a big spring sort out and deep clean, means you can relish that fresh homely feeling. Spring often brings showers with it too, so you may find you still spend plenty of time indoors. There is something wonderfully cosy about being snuggled up indoors on a rainy day, if your home is a little cluttered and unclean then the magic in this scenario fades somewhat.

A fresh start

Spring is a great time to reflect back on all of those new year’s resolutions and good intentions that seemed to have slipped by the wayside. If all the ambition and determination that you had on new year’s day has wavered, then a good sort out and clean will put you on the right track. A lot of people need some form of ritual in order to feel ready to make significant life changes. Decluttering your living space and making sure that everything is spotless is a great way think about what changes you want to make to your life.

In many ways, having a beautifully clean home can actually help with your resolutions. If you intended to read more then sorting through your book and creating a lovely environment to relax and read in will help with that. If you wanted to lose weight then having space to exercise (and a floor that it is hygienic enough to do push ups on) can really help, as can a really clean kitchen with immaculate cupboards. For those who intended to cut back or quite smoking or drinking, then a calm, clean abode will take some of the stress out of life. It also means you’ll have a nice space to hang out in, you’ll feel more inclined to invite friends over for movie nights and dinner parties than feeling the need to hit the pub.

A common new year’s resolution is for people to start being kinder to the environment or considering ecological issues. Your spring clean is another great time to think about these important elements, as it could be the time that you switch to exclusively using ecologically sound cleaning products.

Dust is discarded skin cells

When you really think about it, dust is pretty horrible. It’s mostly made up of dirt, dead skin cells and spores made from mould and fungi. Dust has a certain aesthetic charm in an antique shop or old library, but when it comes to your living environment it is better to get rid of it. The same goes for giving your kitchen and bathroom a good thorough deep clean. Few of us have time to embark on a deep clean every week, so putting in the time in springtime makes a lot of sense. If you are really pushed for time (which is a common problem in this frantic modern age) then why not employ a cleaning service to do all the dirty work for you. There experience means they’ll make a much better job of it than you will and you can use the time you saved to do something else instead.

Spring brings with it a glorious light

Spring is full of sunlit afternoons that illuminate your living space, this can make everything seem much brighter, lighter and gives a fresh feeling. However, the injection of light is also very unforgiving. Your windows need to be clean and sparkling to let in all that beautiful light. You will also want to get rid of any stains that got overlooked in the winter months. Spring light will also highlight any gathered dust and less than shiny floors.

Improved sleep quality

Studies show that people who sleep in a messy bedroom are more likely to have interrupted sleep and to take longer to get to sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, depression and impaired thinking. Lack of clutter means that thinks can be more thoroughly cleaned. Sleeping in a dusty environment can lead to health problems too, so ensuring that your bedroom is super tidy and clean will result in numerous benefits to your physical and emotional health.

So, what are you waiting for? Book in a solid block of time that you can devote to sorting through your belongings. It can help to have some company, so if you live alone you may wish to invite over a buddy. You could treat them to a takeaway at the end of the day, or offer to return the favour. Once your house is free from clutter, then it is time to give it a thorough clean. Whether you opt for doing it all yourself or employing a specialist cleaning company, you can guarantee that the end results will have an immensely positive impact on your life.

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