Bedroom Cleaning

Bedroom cleaning is important as it is the place where we spend a large proportion of our time, even if it is sleeping. It is important to keep the bedroom dust free to avoid allergies, and clutter free for better ability to switch off and relax for sleep. By following our bedroom cleaning tips, you will be able to keep a clean and tidy bedroom with minimal effort.

Daily Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

Basic daily cleaning jobs for keeping the bedroom in order will only take a few minutes of your time each morning and night, but will go a long way to keeping a neat room. Every morning; make the bed, open the window to let some fresh air circulate, tidy anything away that is lying around, and remove any cups or rubbish from the bedside. In the evening; if you can, open the window for at least 10 minutes to let some fresh air in, and fold and put away any clothes.

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

Every week; vacuum and clean the floors, dust all surfaces, empty the rubbish bin if you have one, clean windows and mirrors, change the bedding, vacuum the mattress, and air the bed. Attend to any laundry and anything else that needs tidying away. This should only take an hour at most and will be well worth the effort.

A clean, tidy and organised bedroom is one that is a pleasure to be in, and somewhere you can let go and relax. Adding some fragrance in the form of a calming room spray, or a vase of fresh flowers, is a luxurious finishing touch to complete your bedroom cleaning routine.