Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

The bedroom is a place of rest and sleep, and should be kept clean and tidy for beneficial relaxation. Here we have put together a check-list for bedroom cleaning, which can be used for personal home cleaning, giving to a professional cleaner, or it can be used as a business cleaning check-list for bedrooms, perhaps for B&B owners.

Daily Bedrooms Cleaning Checklist

– Vacuum the carpets.

– Open the windows.

– Wipe along the skirting boards.

– Wipe over any surfaces.

– Fold and put away clothes, etc.

– Tidy anything else that needs attention.

– Empty the rubbish bin.

– Make the bed.


If you are a B&B owner then you will want to change the bedding after each guest, as well as replenish any refreshments and complimentary items.


Weekly Bedroom Cleaning Schedule

– Change the bedding and hoover the mattress. Air the bed.

– Dust on top of wardrobes, pictures and curtain rails.

– Dust blinds.

– Wash the window.

– Clean mirrors and picture glass.

– Take care of any laundry that needs doing.

A clean and dust free bedroom is a healthier bedroom. By keeping a clean bedroom it will improve the air quality and help prevent allergies. Be sure to change flowers, if you have fresh flowers, when they start to wilt, water any plants, and replace any room air fresheners. By using a daily bedroom cleaning check-list then you should be able to keep a clean bedroom without spending too much time on your daily clean.