Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist by Flower Maid


The bathroom is one of those rooms that can easily get out of hand if not cleaned on a regular basis. A daily bathroom cleaning checklist is something that can really help you keep on top of things, and let you know that you are keeping on top of all the bathroom cleaning jobs that have to be done. Here is our basic bathroom cleaning checklist, for business or home use, complete with tips in keeping the bathroom clean.


Daily Bathroom Clean Checklist


– Clean the toilet with toilet cleaner and bleach. It is a good idea to bleach the toilet and then leave it to sit overnight before flushing.

– Wipe down the bath, sink, and shower. Be sure to dry everything with a microfibre cloth as this will prevent smears and an unnecessary build up of grime. It will also give a nice shine to everything.

– Polish any taps, and shine the shower screen. This can just be done using a microfibre cloth to dry and buff after cleaning.

– Put caps back on bottles and store tidily. Only have the toiletries that you need open at any one time. Five bottles of shower gel will just clutter the bathroom.

– Throw away any empty shampoo etc. bottles. Do not have rubbish hanging around, empty the rubbish bin daily if need be.


Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Schedule


– Put soda crystals and vinegar, or similar, down plugholes to keep good drainage.

  • Wash the floor and any tiles on the walls.
  • Clean the bathroom window and windowsill.


Towels should be hung up to air, and changed as and when required, as should the bathmat. By sticking to this schedule to keep the bathroom clean your clean times should more than half, and giving the bathroom a daily clean should feel effortless.