How To Store Winter Clothing

During your Spring Cleaning routine you may begin to wish you had a bit more space in your wardrobe. As the warmer months come around, you might be buying new clothes and shoes, and ideally you would like more space. The best way to create this is to store your Winter items away until after Summer, and this will free up space for those items only used in the warmer months such as sun dresses, sandals, sun hats, and so on. Not only does clearing more space in your wardrobe create more space for clothing and accessories to be stored, but it will make the wardrobe more light and airy, enabling you to see better what you have.

To store Winter clothing away, it is best to use vacuum storage bags. By removing the air and literally vacuum packing your items, it is not only a space saver, but it will keep your items free of moths, dust and damp. One thing to be careful with is that any woolens and other items are completely dry before packing them away, otherwise mold will form. Wool can hold water, and be sure to air dry thoroughly if you wash them.

The best place to store items that will not need to be accessed regularly (such as these storage bags) is in the less easy to reach places that are not good for storing the items you need to get out often. Top shelves in wardrobes and cupboards are good for this, under bed storage, or even up the loft. By storing all your Winter clothing away – winter coats, hats, scarves, snow boots, woollens, and other such items that definitely won’t be needed, you will instantly create more space in your wardrobe.

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