How To Set Up A Family Organisation Station

How To Set Up A Family Organisation Station

With all the bits and pieces such as keys, mobile phones, phone chargers, and so on, people each have to remember when coming and going in a family household, setting up a family organisation station is a great way to keep everything findable. Setting up a form of station for all the household admin and the householder’s personal accessories is not just something that will benefit a large family, a couple or a single person can get great use out of such a thing too.

What is a Family Organisation Station?

The internet is full of creative ways of making these stations, they can be as large or as small and simple as you like. In a nutshell, it is one place in the home where everything vital can be found; a folder for birth certificates, copies of bills and contracts, repeat prescription information and so on. This is a good place to put a calendar with people’s appointments on,  as well as a notebook or whiteboard with any telephone/messages on to each other.  For a household of more than one, a tray with different compartments for each person’s keys and phone is a good idea, or if desired, everyone can have a small drawer each. There are many ways of doing it.

More Organisation Station Ideas

A dresser in the hallway is somewhere practical, but so is a small area of the kitchen worktop if this is what suits. If you want, you can keep this station wall mounted, with shelves, or pockets created coming out of the wall. For more ideas, search online for ‘family station’ or ‘organisation station’ and you will find many fantastic ideas for keeping your household more tidy and organised.