5 Ways to use Vinegar Around the Home

Vinegar is nature’s answer to bleach. It is a great gentle natural degreaser and has antibacterial qualities. It has multiple uses, so many in fact that the list seems never ending, so we have gathered just 5 of them here, giving you 5 ways you can use vinegar around the home.

Here are the 5 ways:


Vinegar is an amazing glass cleaner. Using a solution of vinegar diluted in water for cleaning windows and mirrors will leave them sparkling and shiny, completely smear free. You can use about 1 part vinegar to 3 or 4 parts water. And if washing dirty windows you can add some washing up liquid in there too. Buff up with a lint free cloth to dry and shine.


Vinegar can be used in the washing machine as a descaler. If you tend to put your washing machine on low temperatures, then every month it is a good idea to pour a bottle of vinegar in the drawer of the machine and put it on it’s hottest cycle with nothing in the drum.


Vinegar can be used as a general multi purpose cleaner. This is a cheap, environmentally friendly and non-toxic way of keeping surfaces clean in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as shining the chrome in the bathroom and cleaning shower screens and doors. Keep one part vinegar and 3 parts water in a plastic spray bottle, ready to use whenever needed.


For slow draining plug holes, put down half a cup of baking soda, followed by a cup of vinegar, and allow the foaming reaction to occur. Leave to stand for about 5-10 minutes and then follow with a kettle full of boiling water to flush down the plughole. This should make it flow freely again.


Vinegar and salt can be made into a paste and used to scrub the tea stains from the insides of tea cups and mugs. This again is a non-toxic way of getting your items clean. After this, wash as usual.