5 Ways to Clean with Baby Wipes

Baby wipes aren’t just handy to have around for the children, they can be helpful in a multitude of situations around the home when it comes to cleaning too. We think it makes sense to always have a packet of baby wipes at home, for those little jobs that call for them now and again.

  1. Use them to clean and shine shoes. If your shoes have a bit of mud or soil on them, then a baby wipe is a quick and easy way to wipe them clean. It can also be an excellent way to give your shoes and boots a bit of a clean and a shine too.
  2. Use wet wipes for some damp dusting, they leave surfaces clean and smear free. They are especially good on black electrical goods such as TV surrounds, computer keyboards and DVD players.
  3. Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning the toilet seat with, keeping it clean and germ free. Because they are cheap and disposable, just spray some antibacterial surface cleaner, or your preferred solution, onto the toilet seat, give a wipe around with the baby wipe, and then dispose of it.
  4. Wet wipes are really handy for quickly cleaning up spillages of food and drink, either on the floor or on the table.
  5. Use a baby wipe to clean greasy and overly dirty baking trays and pans. The wipe can be thrown away, and then you can clean the items as you normally would. This prevents your usual cleaning cloths from becoming completely soiled.