5 Best Cleaning Tips by Flower Maid

Everyone loves the feeling of a freshly cleaned home. While proper deep cleaning may take a bit of time and effort, there are things that can be done in between this, on a daily basis, to keep on top of your household cleaning chores. Here are five great cleaning tips that will go a long way to keeping your home spick and span and under control.

1 – Wipe down and clean the bathroom daily. It takes next to no time to wipe down the shower or bath after use, and each evening to give the whole bathroom a wipe with a bathroom cleaner and microfibre cloth. This will make everything sparkle and keep it clean. A disposable wipe for cleaning around the toilet is ideal for hygiene, and it will ensure your toilet is always spotless too.

2 – Clean the drains every week. This job is not as dirty as it sounds, it simply involves little less than pouring some soda crystals down each plughole in the house, followed by boiling water as directed. This will keep the drainage in sinks and washing machines tip top, and all plumbing functioning just as it should.

3 – Shine the kitchen sink. Like the bathroom, try to wipe down the kitchen every night after use, and keep the sink clean and shiney. Giving the work surfaces a daily wipe down with a cleaner and a microfibre cloth will go a long way in making your kitchen feel clean and under control. It makes a real difference going down for breakfast to a clean kitchen.

4 – Sweep up regularly. It is important to pick the right tool for the job, be it a soft indoor broom, or a lightweight efficient vacuum cleaner. Keeping on top of the floors is easy with the right help and so choose whatever tool is most appropriate for your flooring.

5 – Damp dust. This is basically good old fashioned dusting, but with a damp microfibre cloth. It only takes a few minutes to move around the home wiping over skirting boards, windowsills, and any other surfaces that may be seen to be gathering dust. TV’s and other electrical devices attract dust, and so a slightly damp or dry cloth will do the trick in keeping it dust free.