5 Amazing Uses for Cola

Did you know that a can of cola has many more uses than to just be drunk? Cola can be used in cooking, and it can also be used very effectively in cleaning. Here are 5 amazing uses for Coca-Cola when it comes to cleaning.

Great to clean toilets

Use cola as a toilet cleaner. A can of cola can work wonders on the toilet, simply pour the fizzy liquid down the toilet bowl and leave it for about an hour. If needed, use a brush to scrub around the inside of the toilet, and then flush it. You should then be left with a sparkling clean toilet.

Good on stains

If you have oil stains on a concrete floor, perhaps in the garage, on the path, on the patio, or driveway, you can use cola to clean it with. Pour it onto the stain, leave it to soak, and then hose it off. When you rinse with the hose, it should lift the oil stain off too.

Fantastic on burned pans and pots

To clean burnt pots and pans, again, use cola to soak them with, and then when you rinse it should remove the burnt on stains. This is also an effective way to descale a kettle.

Tackles smells

To remove strong smells from laundry – perhaps fish smells from tea towels, or pet smells from bedding, use it in the wash or as a pre-soak. By soaking the smelly pieces of laundry in a solution of cola and warm water, you will find the smell vanishes in the wash.

Cleans windows

Use cola as a window cleaner. Pour a can into a basin of warm water, and use to wash the windows with. This will not only clean them effectively, but leave them sparkling and smear free.