10 Things To Make Your Home Healthier

10 Things To Make Your Home Healthier

The new year is a great time to make changes that perhaps have been on your mind for a while. Making your home a more safe and healthy place to be through using more natural cleaning methods could be one of them. If using eco-friendly options for keeping your home clean is one of your aims, then you need not put it off any longer – here are 10 things you can do to make your home a healthier place to be;

1 – Switch to eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. If you have no intention of making your own simple cleaning products, then buying non-toxic cleaners from the supermarket is the next best thing.

2 – Invest in some micro-fibre cleaning cloths. Anti-bacterial microfibre allows you to do your general dusting with just a bit of water!

3 – Clean your windows and mirrors with diluted vinegar, they will buff to a great shine.

4 – Swap toxic stain removers for natural homemade ones.

5 – Do away with artificial smelling air fresheners. Open your windows for a short time morning and night to let fresh air in, and if you wish you can make a natural room freshener spray to give a nice fragrance.

6 – Use a vinegar solution for making a multi-purpose cleaner, good for counter surfaces and also wiping the bathroom.

7 – Vacuum regularly and keep your home dust free. Dust can cause many allergies, and so keeping your home free of dust is an excellent way of preventing any reactions.

8 – Clear away clutter. Organise your things and keep on top of clutter, an organised home will reflect a calm and organised mind.

9 – Be sure to routinely check your Carbon Monoxide alarm is working, and your boiler is checked annually.

10 – If you hang laundry in the home to dry, do so by an open window for ventilation and to prevent damp and mould smells within the home.