10 Household Items You Can Put in the Compost

The majority of people know that fruit and vegetable waste, eggshells and grass clippings can all be composted. However, there are a wealth of other items that are discarded from the average household everyday that can also go into the compost.

Here is just a small selection of everyday household items that can be composted in your garden compost bin:

  1. Cardboard. Unwaxed pizza boxes, cardboard food packaging, junk mail and toilet rolls, can all be shredded or torn into small pieces and put in the compost bin.
  2. Hair from the hair brush, plugholes, and beard trimmings. Pet hair.
  3. 100% cotton wool, facial tissues, and small pieces of 100% cotton towels.
  4. 100% wool clothing, ripped or cut into very small pieces.
  5. Shredded bills and other paper statements.
  6. The dust from inside the vacuum cleaner.
  7. Old cut flowers, dead houseplants, and any other organic clippings.
  8. Wooden toothpicks, matchsticks, and any other small pieces of untreated wood.
  9. Tea bags and coffee grounds.
  10. Burnt toast.

If you are really dedicated to composting, you can greatly reduce your waste by recycling much more than you might think via the compost bin. Not only can the majority of food be composted, but most paper, cardboard, natural fibres, pet cage waste, hair, shells and crustaceans, and much more can go straight in the compost bin. By using specialist seaweed solutions, urine, or other nitrogen rich material you will greatly benefit your compost too.